Want to help make the world a little bit better and brighter, then join our volunteer staff, and reap the benefits of being on the Kid Kon Team!

You Want To Join The Kid Kon Squad?


To Volunteer You Must Be:
-At least 18 years of age.
-Legally eligible to work in the United States.
-Physically capable of being on your feet for prolonged periods.
-Able to take care of your own travel & accommodations.

Please Be Aware That:
-Kid Kon management reserves the right to dismiss any Volunteer that does not adhere to the guidelines or fails to satisfactorily complete their duties.
-Volunteers are free to participate in the activities (panels, games, vendor floor) of the con before & after their scheduled work hours ONLY.

As A Volunteer You Are Expected To:
-Act appropriately as staff members of the show.
-Maintain confidentiality.
-Not make any public statements to the public or press on behalf of Kid Kon and its management.
-Perform the requested duties to the best of your abilities. (If a volunteer is unable to do what is asked of them, they must inform the volunteer coordinator before the start of their duties.)

What’s in it for you?
-A free pass to Kid Kon 2017!
-A unique, and comfy, commemorative Kid Kon 2017 tee-shirt!
-Lastly, a chance to bring some joy and happiness to a few thousand kids!

Kid Kon 2017 Volunteer Application!