Kid Kon Panel Roundup!


11-11:50 Spotlight on Lizzy Greene! (RM.107)

Come join Lizzy, the fourth and certainly the most crucial member of the quad from Nickelodeon’s popular series Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, as she talks about her career and shares stories about working on the show.

11-11:50  DAF Radio Remembers The Disney Afternoon (RM.106)

Host Jason Schlierman takes a look back at the definitive cartoon block known as the Disney Afternoon with special guest Michael Gough (TailSpin), director Tim Walker, Producer Ed Ghertner, and writer Libby Hinsen.

12-12:50 Power Rangers Villains Unite! (RM.107)

It’s Morphin’ Time because we have two Power Rangers villains on hand! Carla Perez (Rita Repulsa) and Jason Ybarra (Rita’s henchman Baboo) join forces once again to relive their work on the series and discuss what it really takes to place a Power Rangers villain… and maybe they’ll let us in on their new plans for world domination!

12-2:00pm Lizzy Greene Limited Signing event! 

(Lower Floor Stage)

12-12:50 TBA! (RM.106)

 1-1:50 Spotlight on Bex Taylor-Klaus!  (RM.107)

Best-known as the feisty Audrey Jensen on MTV’S Scream The Series, the talented Bex Taylor-Klaus will join us to chat about dealing with masked maniacs, her voice work on Netflix’s Voltron, and her career in general.

1-1:50 How Kids Can Get the Most Fun out of Cosplay! (RM.106)

Come hear amazing kid cosplayers speak about their experience in cosplaying and give helpful hints and tips on how your child can get the most fun out of cosplay, with host Jay Holliday and cosplayers ESJ Cosplay, Little Miss Catgirl & Duckaroonie

2-4:00pm Bex Taylor-Klaus Limited Signing event! 

(Lower Floor Stage)

2-2:50 Spotlight on Rosa Blasi! (RM.107)

Superheroine Electress takes center stage as the amazing Rosa Blasi, Barb Thunderman herself from Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans, flies into Kid Kon to discuss being a superpowered mom on TV and in real life.

2-2:50 Authors Sheri Fink & Derek Taylor Kent!  (RM.106)

Join the dynamic writing duo of Sheri Fink (The Little Seahorse) and Derek Taylor Kent (Scary School) as they discuss their novels and how they wrestle with their big ideas to make them into wonderful books.

3-3:50 Spotlight on DJ Lance Rock!  (RM.107)

Direct from Gabba Land, our Guest Of Honor DJ Lance Rock joins us to chat about Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee, Plex, and himself as we relive the beloved Nick Jr. series that will forever live in nostalgia for millions of kids, Yo Gabba Gabba.

3-3:50 How to Make Your Own Comic Book! (RM.106)

Have you ever wanted to create your own comic book? If yes, then get yourself to this panel because screenwriter and comic book creator Kevin Glover is going to give you all the info you’ll need, and a few tips and tricks while he’s at it.

4-4:50 So You Want To Be An Actor! (RM.107)

The prolific and talented actor Maria Olsen, who no doubt chilled your blood as Mrs. Dodds in Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, will share her incredible knowledge on the industry and acting in general and lead a few fun acting improv exercises in this interactive panel that may just get you on a red carpet sooner than later.

4-4:50 Busting Ghosts: How To Be A Ghostbuster! (RM.106)

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who are you gonna call? Well, if you come to this panel, you won’t have to call ANYONE because you’ll learn how to bust your own ghosts with some training from the brave members of the Southland Ghostbusters.

5-5:50 Ultimate Princess Party! (RM.107)

The wonderful folks behind Aloha Princess Parties bring you a pair of princesses who will lead the audience with some fun and games the only way royalty knows how to do it.

5-5:50 Funimation’s COSTUME CONTEST! (RM.106)

Sponsored by Funimation, Kid Kon’s Saturday costume contest will bring the fun and the flourish with AMAZING prizes for the best cosplayers in a variety of age ranges.


11-11:50 Voice Actors Unite! (RM.107) 

Ever wonder what Michelangelo, Draculaura, Lotsa Heart, and Lin Beifong really sound like? Well kick off your Sunday at Kid Kon by chatting with our Sunday guests, the fabulously talented voice actors Greg Cipes, Debi Derryberry, Olivia Hack & Mindy Sterling. Learn how they create characters with just their voice, and how you can break into voice acting as well.

11-11:50 Ultimate Superhero Party!  (RM.106)

The Aloha Princess Party folks sent the princesses off to the ball, and called in the superheroes to bring the funk. This super hero party will have it all, and may even have time to save the world.

12-12:50 Writing For Kids! (RM.107)

Authors Derek Taylor Kent (Scary School), Sheri Fink (The Little Seahorse) & Jose Prendes (Elementary, My Dear Watson Vol. 1) join forces to discuss the ins and outs and joys of writing books for kids.

12-12:50 8-bit Jazz Concert! (RM.106)

The first in our Sunday Concert series presents Guitarist Adam Bellotto and upright bassist Robby Delosier, a duo that arranges and performs jazz interpretations of classic video game music (with the occasional movie or TV theme in there). The Heroes have only been around since September of 2016, but they’ve already performed at the biggest conventions, the smallest parties and everything in-between.

1-1:50 How to Create Your Own Superhero! (RM.107)

Teacher and author Jason Williams (The Knightwatchers 1-5) walks you through the steps on how to design and create your very own superhero.

1-1:50 Rumbling Rythms Concert! (RM.106)

Our second in our Sunday Concert series features Alan Bruni, who will provide a space where curiosity & play lead to courage, empowerment & fun, incorporating both drumming, listening to music and a leaving participants with a new language of expression…Rhythm!

2-2:50 TBD (RM. 107)

2-2:50 Just Kidding Concert! (RM.106)

Our third in our Sunday Concert series features a six-member band that is going to rock your socks off with some toe-tapping’ tunes and leave you jumping for joy.

3-3:50 How To Become A Youtuber! (RM.107) 

Listen to veteran Youtube stars Brendan Mitchell (Wetmovie1), Shawn Phillips (Coolduder), Danny Filaccio (Cinestalker), Luna Meow & Itzmoe as they discuss the nitty gritty of building your youtube channel, generating content, and how to attract an audience.

3-3:50 DJ Lance Super Dance Party! (RM.106)

The final in our Sunday Concert series is the GRAND FINALE of Kid Kon 2017. Join the one, the only, DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba as he spins some tunes and throws the wildest DJ dance party that will live in your memory as the ultimate summer kickoff.

4-4:50 Funimation’s COSTUME CONTEST! (RM.107)

One final event before Kid Kon 2017 goes to sleep, we present the Sunday costume contest, sponsored by Funimation, which will feature EVEN MORE AMAZING prizes for the best cosplayers in a variety of age ranges and special guest judges as well!